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is a website community based on the hobby of slot car racing and welcomes everyone from the seasoned racer all the way to the newbie who isn't quite sure what slot car racing is. For the newbie visiting us, you'll find that slot car racers are most welcoming to newcomers, so please do not hesitate to jump right in and ask questions. Slot car racing was greatly popular in the U.S. in the 1960's where the 1/24 scale slot car racing took place at larger commercial race tracks located in hobby shops or retail locations in many cities. Since those times, most commercial tracks have vanished, but slot car racing has continued to evolve with home or club racing which includes the smaller HO scale cars that were popular in the 1970's and 1980's as well as the 1/32 scale that is becoming very popular today.

As a little info for the newbie, in the most simple form, slot cars are small cars (often modeled after full scale cars) that have highly detailed bodies made of plastic or resin. The chassis includes an electric motor combined with a guide containing electrical contacts that "ride the rails" of the track allowing the car to be powered and travel around the track while being guided by the slot which is a groove that defines the route of the car. The power to the track is usually AC power from your home that is converted to DC current usually in the range of 10-15 volts, so it's all safe for adults and supervised children which makes slot cars a great activity to generate common activities between generations which will help the hobby survive as well as grow in this age dominated by video games and the like.

We encourage you to join in our community and forums. If you're the seasoned racer, we look forward to your contributions. If you're a newbie, we look forward to your new-found excitement. Hope to see you often!

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